Old Car Removals

Old Car Removals Brisbane

When a car gets old, there are several problems that the owners might have to face. Whatever be the circumstance, the issues remain the same. Cash For Cars Company offers its services to purchase and remove old cars in exchange for cash payments to the sellers. They buy all kinds of vehicles like trucks, utes, 4×4, etc.

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Don’t let your car lose value over time. Sell it online for cash now and get the best price!

How Does It work?

Cash For car team accepts enquiries online through inquiry form, call or email, offer quotes for vehicles as per the details we received, the process for an appointment if needed otherwise towing after paying agreed cash. The below steps are not only for cars but also for trucks and vans to process as same as cars for cash.

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Pick up your phone & dial 0731082743 for quick value or put the vehicle details online.


Our Evaluator Give Prices

Our Evaluator will call you and discuss the prices.


Appointment Schedule

An appointment may schedule.


Get Paid On The Spot

Agreed amount of cash paid during the time of towing away your vehicle. Our team may ask your feedback. That’s how it works here- you get your money, and we collect your car.

Get Up To $9,999 for your old car

The car wreckers pay to buy cars of all brands, models and manufacturing dates. They do not have any reservations about the condition of the vehicle either. This means that the vehicle can be sold to them without spending on any repairs. They purchase:


Damaged Vehicles


Scrap Cars


Undriveable Vehicles


Old Cars


Unwanted Cars


Junk Cars

Car wreckers also offer many additional facilities for free

The wreckers offer convenient services like free car assessment by professional, free online price quotes, free car towing and removal services as well.

Sellers do not have to worry about paying for paperwork or mechanical repairs.

We purchase the following brands

We Deals In Below Type Of Vehicle Conditions


Old Cars


Accidental Cars


Wrecked Cars


Unwanted Cars


Damaged Cars


Hail damaged Cars


Smashed Cars


Flood Damaged Cars

Don’t let your car lose value over time. Sell it online for cash now and get the best price!

Sell Your Old Car in a hassle-free way

The seller just needs to contact the wreckers on their contact number and provide all the necessary details about their car. Based on the information the car wreckers offer a price to the seller. They also set up a meeting with the car owner with the date, time and location of the owner’s preference. This is done to make the process convenient for the seller.

Why we pay reasonable prices for old cars?

We take certain factors into consideration to ensure that we offer you the correct value for your car, they are as follows:

  • Car’s condition
  • Whether the vehicle can be driven
  • Age of the vehicle
  • Weight
  • Odometer Reading
  • Make & model
  • The working parts including the engine, alternator and tyres.

Fast car removal and immediate cash payment

Car wreckers Brisbane offer free and quick car removal. They pay the seller in cash at the time of the car removal.