We’re the Part of An Auto Recycler (QLD CASH FOR CARS PTY LTD) company DBA Cash For Cars in Brisbane. Based On Edith St, Coopers Plaines, South Brisbane. Collection of Car’s as a car buyer is from Queensland Wide including major locations in Ipswich, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Many More. We’re an established organisation with more than twenty professionals team. Our aim to get an extraordinary service that’s why we move forward with the technology to make things easier for any age customers. Sometime it will be very hard to send us the pictures over the email so our company will get you an instant quote without asking your vehicle’s inner or outer pictures. So don’t wait and try to compare your existing cars quote with us before going ahead with someone else.
We are accepting online quote requests for old, scrap, smash, accidental, junk and damaged vehicles. Therefore, our auto recycling features are more useful in terms of cash for cars, free car removals in the region of inner and Brisbane. We are the one who people search company that buy used vehicles, the company deals in unwanted cars and quick solution of car scrapping, same day quote and towing. We specialize in accepting vehicles like cars, trucks, buses, 4wds, Utes and 4×4. We buy any vehicle and come to pay you at your place, that’s why our services help to save money and time. Make your own quote now by visiting our website and putting required details of the vehicle and fix an appointment as per own convenient time.

How It Works?

Get Paid For Cars Quick Four Steps Accepting Enquiries online through inquiry form, call or email, offer quotes for vehicles as per the details we received, the process for an appointment if needed otherwise towing after paying agreed cash. The below steps are not only for cars but also for trucks and vans to process as same as cars for cash.
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Simple and easy Step by Step process-

  1. 1-Pick up your phone & dial 0731082743 for quick value or put the vehicle details online.
  2. 2-Our Evaluator will call you and discuss the prices.
  3. 3-An appointment may schedule.
  4. 4-Agreed amount of cash paid during the time of towing away your vehicle. Our team may ask your feedback. That’s how it works here- you get your money, and we collect your car.

Service Areas

Brisbane Wide Services where Cash for Vehicles and Cars scrap bodies makes it easier when it comes to collection from home or other words door to door service. Yes exactly right, we never ask our customers to come to our place if you want to sell your car. Some cases customers drop their vehicles if vehicle works fine and close to our place, but it’s their own decision if they are happy they can come otherwise we always collect from home. Our service areas including Ipswich, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Toowoomba and many more. So dial 0731082743 and ask the value of your cars now or evaluate online for quotes.


07 3108 2743

Next After Buying Such Vehicles

Our process is straightforward of buying cars regardless of conditions, makes and models. Once cash paid to the owner of the vehicle and completing such paperwork for cancellation of registration. Our dismantling team start working to dismantle all used cars and testing them for future use. We then put all necessary second hand for selling, and scrap body of the vehicle goes to recycle. Visit car wrecker section to know more after scrap car collection.

Cars that we’ve bought

As we bought cars with different conditions and buying regularly, so you get an image idea that we’re paying for. Since we collect kind of vehicles and never mind for makes and models so it is very easy to understand about our service by these images.

Cash For Cars

Frequently Ask Questions

If you belong to Brisbane regions it’s very easy to find an auto recycler near you. Either make a search on mobile and desktop for the term you’re looking and there will be several options choose from them. However, in our case, you don’t need to take any hassle as we serve Brisbane wide. Your location is not a problem. We make cash payments on the spot at the time of the purchase. In the case of closer areas, we also offer same day car removal. So without wasting any more time, call us now to get free quotes on your old cars.

While selling a car, sellers may be most concerned about the paperwork. We provide all the necessary paperwork, well within time so that our customers do not have to go through any sort of hassle. Few documents like the driver’s license and registration copy are necessary as proof of identity. We require only a few such documents and if they are missing or irrelevant, we take the necessary steps to make the sale convenient for the sellers.

There may be several reasons to scrap your car. If the vehicle requires repairs very often and the expenses amount to more than the value of the vehicle it becomes very inconvenient for the owner. In such cases, the car may only remain as a heap of scrap metal that you must get rid of.

VIN is the abbreviation for vehicle Identity Number. At the time of the sale, the representative from the company requires the VIN, which is a 17 characters numeric number present on the registration certificate.

Call 0731082743 and ask for the value of your car. Once you agreed on a given price, we schedule a pickup. And then our pickup team will come to your place and pay you cash and tow away your car.

Almost all cars experience damage throughout their use, but this does not mean that the owners should think of selling it. Although there are services that pay the owners a reasonable price for car removals, sellers should only consider selling their car in certain situations. If the vehicle is constantly in need of repair and the expenses for the repair amount to higher than the valuation of the car in the market, then it could be a waste of money to invest in the repair of the old or damaged car. Under such circumstances, it is advisable for the owners to sell the cars for cash.

Client Testimonials

I am a working man so I have very little time to take up other responsibilities. The Cash For Cars in Brisbane made all the necessary arrangements to shift my car after the sale.

Jayden Menhennitt

I did not have to bother about any fraudulent dealers while selling my car because the cash for cars in Brisbane offer cash payment immediately, at the time of the car removal.

Jonathan Greenwood

I wanted to get rid of my car as soon as possible because I needed to make space for some new stuff at home. The car wreckers removed my car within 24 hours and paid me in cash too.

Zachary Armytage

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